2018-19 Mini Lyrical

2018-19 Mini Lyrical

2018-19 Senior Jazz

2018-19 Senior Jazz

If you are interested in auditioning for DDC please email ale@definitivedance.com.

All dancers interested in joining or being on Definitive Dance Company for 2019 - 2020 are required to attend one or both Summer Dance Sessions. REGISTER

Summer Dance Session
Week 1: July 29 - Aug 1
Week 2: Aug 5 - Aug 8

All dancers selected for 2019 - 2020 Definitive Dance Company are required to attend both weeks of Choreography Workshop

2019 - 2020 Choreography Workshop
Week 1: Aug 19 - Aug 22
Week 2: Aug 26 - Aug 29

About Definitive Dance Company

Our Award Winning Dance Company performs regionally at Dance Competition and other Performances annually. The focus of DDC is to provide an opportunity outside of the classroom for young dancers to take their studio training to the next level. The dance company experience develops self-confidence and teaches the importance of teamwork - a commitment to oneself and to one another. Through an annual audition dancers are selected to learn routines in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, and/or Hip-Hop. In addition to group dances, several company members are invited to learn solos, duets, and trios which are all performed at regional dance competitions. All company dancers are required to take two ballet classes, jazz, lyrical, turns + leaps, and contemporary class each week. Participation in DDC offers fun and exciting dance opportunities in an encouraging and supportive community of dancers and choreographers. 

If your student is interested in a future on Definitive Dance Company please email ale@definitivedance.com for information on how to best train and prepare them for the audition. Definitive Dance Students are always welcome to attend Convention with Dance Company students to take classes and experience what being on Dance Company is all about. 



2018 - 2019 Competitions + Conventions

  • Rainbow National Dance Competition

  • Hollywood Connection Dance Competition & Convention

  • Revel

  • Hollywood vibe

2018 - 2019 DDC Choreographers

  • dana douthwaite

  • jacob gamlieli

  • Makenna liller

  • Ale Madera

  • Emi mccracken

  • Ursula Panagiotou

  • jess Reely-Cantu


  • hollywood connection dance competition & Convention

  • hollywood vibe

  • Jump

  • Move

  • Rainbow national dance competition

  • starpoweR

  • NRG

  • Artists Simply Human

  • 24/7


PAST DDC choreographers


  • Marisa Katsman

  • KRistina Koumaeva

  • Ale Madera

  • Emi Mccracken

  • Ursula PAnagiotou

  • Jess Reely-Cantu


  • Skye Stoury

  • Tara Townsend

  • Xaviera Vandermay

  • Kate wallich