Please read the following information carefully and check the specifications for each dance class. Students must arrive on Saturday at least 15 minutes before each show. They are required to bring all parts of their costumes and manage time to do their makeup and hair. Since the dressing rooms get full, we suggest doing hair and makeup prior to arrival. DON'T FORGET TO LABEL COSTUMES AND SHOES!

Buy Dance Attire

Dancers will take home their costumes in May. LABEL ALL COSTUME PARTS AND SHOES! Remember although the quality of the costume is good, they are not always a perfect fit.  Please understand that some alterations may need to be made after receiving your costume.  If you need additional alterations please make arrangements.  Please make sure all straps are sewn to avoid embarrassing stage mishaps!  The studio does not cover the alteration fees. Please make sure you understand hair, make-up and costume particulars, so that your child is not left out!

Creative Movement and PreDance

Some classes will be given white anklets and additional hair accessories.  You will receive all additional costume items at dress rehearsal, please don’t lose them as we do not provide extras!  


High ponytail, curled or electric rollers or if you have natural curly hair, we just don’t want long tangled ponytails.


Dancers should wear a rose colored blush and raspberry colored lipstick. 

Monday, Pre-Dance
Pink tights, pink ballet shoes
Pink bow for hair (comes with costume)

Tuesday, Pre-Dance 
Black jazz shoes

Saturday, 9am Creative Movement 
Pink and black feather head piece, black gloves (comes with costume)
White Ruffled Socks (provided by DDS)
Black Tap Shoes

Saturday, 10am Creative Movement
Pink and green head piece (comes with costume)
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Levels 1 - 4


Left side part, with a braid going towards the right side into a clean low bun. Please make sure students bangs are braided into their bun and hair is slicked back with gel or spray and use a hair color matching hair net if necessary.



Dance Company students may wear Dance Company Makeup. Other students have the option of wearing Dance Company makeup or rose colored blush, raspberry colored lipstick (if you can't see the color from 10 feet away it is not dark enough!), natural colored eye shadow and mascara. 


Monday, Ballet 1
Pink ballet tights
Pink ballet shoes
Pink flower headpiece (comes with costume)

Ballet 1/2 - Ballet 4
Pink ballet shoes
Pink ballet tights
Headpiece (comes with costume)

teen jazz/lyrical

Nude Foot Thongs, no tights


Jazz 1
Nude Jazz Shoes, example, no tights.
2 pink hand cuffs and hair tie(comes with costume)

Jazz 2

Jazz 2/3

Jazz 3

Jazz 4


Lyrical 1
Nude Half Soles, example, no tights
Two hair pins (comes with costume)

Lyrical 2

Lyrical 3
Nude foot thongs, no tights

Lyrical 4


Contemporary 1/2
Barefoot, no tights

Contemporary 3

Contemporary 4


Tap 1
Black Tap Shoes
Tan tights

Tap 2
Black Tap Shoes

Tap 3
Black Tap Shoes

Tap 4
Black Tap Shoes

hip hop


Hip Hop 1
All Hot Pink and Black clothing, shoes, and accessories

Hip Hop 2
All Black and Gold clothing, accessories, and shoes

Boys Hip Hop
All different primary color block shirts with black joggers

Hip Hop 3
All different jerseys and distressed baggy denim jeans

Hip Hop 4
All different BRIGHT colors (think 90s baggy, bright patterns, big hoop earring, layers)