RECITAL: JUNE 17 at 11:00am & 4:00pm
Mercer Island High School
Tickets on Sale June 5


$16 | per person | per show | Cash/Check at the studio
$20 | per person | per show | cash/check at the door

Children 3 and under do not need a ticket. Children 3+ must sit in a seat to not block the people behind them from seeing the show. 

Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. When a show sells out, tickets will no longer be available for that show. Every child /adult age 3+ up needs to have a ticket. It is open seating, and doors will open 45 minutes prior to the show.  You will be unable to reserve seats for friends and family.  Please be respectful of this! NO FOOD OR COSTUMES in the THEATRE AUDIENCE OF ANY KIND!

Please plan to attend an entire performance not just the portion of the show that your child is in. All of our students work hard and deserve an attentive audience free from the distraction of people leaving the theatre.  The show is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes long.

creative movement + predance

Children enrolled in Creative Movement and PreDance do not need a ticket and are allowed to watch the show after they perform. Parents must bring their Creative Movement and PreDance students to the side entrance and check them in with the volunteer 15 minutes before the show. Each class will have a Parent Volunteer that will stay with them until they go on stage. All PreDance and Creative Movement Dancers will be escorted to assigned seating following their performance and cannot be picked up from assigned seating until checked out by DDS staff or volunteer during intermission. Any child not picked up from parents in the audience will be taken backstage during the last 5 minutes of intermission where they can be picked up by their parent. All students are required to perform in both shows at 11am and 4pm.

levels 1 - 4

Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before the show start time with makeup and hair ready to go. There will be dressing rooms assigned to classes backstage. Students will enter through the side door. There is no entering the backstage area through the main entrance of the High School. Students must remain backstage until intermission, or the end of the show. Students are permitted to watch the second half of the show in the audience if they do not have any remaining dance numbers. They must have a ticket to sit in a seat. All students are required to perform in both shows at 11am and 4pm.


All classes will receive their costumes in May. Please note that dancers will not be allowed to receive their costumes or purchase tickets until ALL outstanding balances/tuition is paid in full and current. For more information on costume specifics, makeup and hair for each dance class go HERE. We do not have any extra costumes or costume pieces. Make sure that your student's costume is hung up before the show and that you arrive with all accessories, shoes and tights needed for your class. DO NOT IRON YOUR COSTUME! Parents are responsible for making the appropriate alterations for their student's costume before the show. When we measure for costumes we do our best to accommodate for extra growing room so that the costumes are not too small by the time of the show.


Mandatory dress rehearsal will take place at Mercer Island High School, Friday, June 16, from 3:30 - 6:30 PM. Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can start right on time. Students must enter through the side door for Dress Rehearsal and not through the main high school entrance! High School students are finishing up school so we must be respectful of school hours. This is a closed rehearsal: this means parents and caretakers only, no aunts, uncles, neighbors or additional friends. 
Dancers are allowed to leave when they finish their dress rehearsal. Dressing rooms will be assigned according to age and dance discipline.  Signs will be posted to assist with room assignments where parent helpers will provide supervision and costume assistance.


There will be a table located at the dressing room entrance, where parents and dancers will need to sign in with the volunteer. This helps us track the arrivals and departures of dancers, especially our little ones. Please make sure to do this prior to entering the auditorium and leaving your dancer backstage. Parents and Students may not enter the backstage area through the main entrance of the High School. They must go around the side to the back parking lot entrance.


We need at least one parent volunteer from each Creative Movement and PreDance Class with the students. Since there will be mostly female students of all ages with costume changes backstage, we ask for mom volunteers only, thank you for your understanding. We will have other (non-parent) volunteers backstage to help, but I feel it is valuable to have a mom who the girls know and recognize. Teachers of course will be back there also and will lead and set the their places onstage. Please email ASAP if you are willing to help out backstage and for which show. We are always in need of friendly volunteers! Thank you so much!!