Classes start August 30

* The studio is open on Monday, Sept. 4 (Labor Day);  all classes will take place *


Welcome back to Definitive Dance. Studio classes begin Wednesday, August 30th.  DDS staff is excited to welcome everyone back from summer, and we are all anxious to celebrate a fabulous 15 years! We are so excited for the new families we have joining us, and we are thrilled to be adding some great new teachers to our faculty this year. Make sure to introduce yourselves and say hi to these wonderful friendly and talented faces joining the Definitive Family next week. We are going to have an amazing school year and we cannot wait to see what is to come. 

Please read through the following information below and make sure you are familiar with our Studio Policies. We will be sending out monthly newsletters with important information through Mailchimp for families and dancers, as well as posting these newsletters to the News page of our website. WE LOVE TO BE GREEN SO WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY A PAPERLESS STUDIO! PLEASE READ THE NEWSLETTERS SO YOU ARE CURRENT ON ALL ACTIVITIES RELATED TO DEFINITIVE DANCE STUDIO!  We have limited office hours throughout year to keep operations cost low which keeps tuition costs lower. If you have any questions please feel free to email ale@definitivedance.com for the quickest response. Our website is also a great tool for all information regarding Definitive Dance.

It is not too late to enroll in classes. If your child is interested in adding a Ballet class, Tap class, Hip Hop class, or any other style email Ale (ale@definitivedance.com) and we will get your student all setup. Just a reminder, if your student is enrolled in Jazz | Lyrical | Contemporary he or she must be enrolled in ballet concurrently. 
The following classes are closed and have a waitlist: Lyrical 1, Lyrical 2, Ballet 1/2, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Hip Hop 1, and 9am Creative Movement.


Class placement is determined by the instructors and is based on a student’s ability and certain age restrictions. My staff and I work very hard to ensure proper evaluation and placement so each dancer can receive the most out of their class. Please make every effort to enroll your dancer for the class most appropriate for them based on our placements. If you do have a scheduling conflict please email us so we can help you navigate a placement solution.

  • As stated on our website, you must be registered for a Ballet class if you are taking a Jazz, Lyrical, or Contemporary class. This requirement applies to all ages and levels. Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance; it is a paramount dance discipline which will help to enrich your child’s dance experience.


If you decide to change or quit a dance class, you are obligated to notify the front desk of your decision, not just the teacher. All class changes must be made by November. If no one is available, please email ale@defnitivedance.com and we will gladly withdraw you from the class and inactivate your account.

  • A two week notice to drop a class is required in order to avoid the next month’s tuition. Failure to do so will result in payment of tuition until notified of your withdrawal.
  • Teachers will be assessing dancers in the month of September and adjusting placements as needed.  We try very hard to place dancers in classes with similar ability, please understand the importance of dance education and class structure so each dancer can be challenged as well as refine current skill set.


All studio holidays are posted on our website. STUDIO CALENDAR . We follow the Mercer Island School District for closures. Please check our website for inclement weather cancellations.

  • Please mark your calendar: our 15th Annual Recital will be held Saturday, June 16th 2018.  More details will be given as we get closer!
  • We are open on Monday, September 4 (Labor Day). All classes will take place at their normal scheduled time. 


Our program is designed as a nine-month session running September - June. Monthly tuition is divided into equal payments for lessons received for the full nine-month session and will remain the same each month regardless of attendance, school closures, holidays, vacations, recital rehearsals and performances etc. Your September tuition will be posted to your Danceworks account by August 30, 2017. You can check your Danceworks to see what you owe, and pay. September tuition is due SEPTEMBER 5, 2017.

Once enrolled you are responsible for monthly tuition payments – monthly statements will not be mailed. We post tuition charges to your Danceworks account by the 1st of the month. You can login to your account to see your monthly statement. We accept cash/check (dropped in tuition box in studio lobby), Mastercard or Visa (through your Danceworksaccount) for payment of tuition and related fees. YOUR FIRST TUITION PAYMENT IS DUE SEPTEMBER 5, 2017. 

  • Tuition is due the 5th of each month and is delinquent if not received by the 5th. A monthly late fee of $25 will be charged on delinquent accounts. We suggest signing up for Auto-pay through Danceworks or in the DDS office so you do not have to worry about late fees. 
  • Students will not be admitted into class unless tuition payments are current. In the event of temporary financial difficulties, payment arrangements may be worked out with the studio prior to the payment deadline.
  • Discounts are given to students who participate in multiple classes.Discounts are also available for multiple students within a household.
  • Students will receive an average of four classes per month over the dance season.
  • Tuition is due regardless of attendance. There are NO REFUNDS for classes missed. Classes missed due to an excused absence, illness or injury can be made up. Classes cancelled due to teacher absence will be made up at a time determined by the teacher.


Students are expected to wear dance attire to class. Students should wear pedestrian attire over their dance wear to and from class. Please refer to the CLASSES page board for specific class attire clarification.

  • NO JEANS, SKIRTS, T-SHIRTS, SWEATERS or SWEATSHIRTS, are allowed in class. If the weather is cold it is okay for students to wear dance warm-ups including legwarmers, leggings, or form-fitting sweaters until their muscles are warm. 
  • All hair must be up off the face and neck in a ponytail, bun, french twist, or similar style. 
  • No hats or bandanas please.
  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. Please remember even the quick jump from the car can hurt the life of your shoes as well as cause destruction to our expensive dance floor.

Not sure where to find dance clothes for your student? Check out Fuzi in Bellevue on 126th, or Dance On In  in Kirkland. No time to make it to the store, go to Discount Dance Supply - a great online resource for all clothing and accessories dance related


Fall Registration for Definitive Dance Studio is open and classes are already filling up. Make sure you register soon before class spots fill up! Classes begin August 30, 2017.



Please take some time to check out our revamped website: www.definitivedance.comWe have spent lots of time adding helpful information for parents and students here that is easily accessible from the comfort of your own computer. All of the green fonts are links to more information and registration. In the upper right hand corner of the website is a box of lines that opens the website menu. You can navigate the entire website here and find answers to all of your questions. Please take time to read through our Policies before classes start. There is lots of information here regarding tuition, dress code, class expectations, and more. We want your student to be set up for success so please familiarize yourself with this information. We will update the website regularly with studio closures, recital information, class changes, etc.. In addition, we will continue to send out email newsletters. Please read them so you do not miss anything!


This year we have made some changes to the registration process. You must input your credit card information in order to hold your student's spot in class.  We will not run tuition payment on your card until the first week of classes. Please select that you would like to have your card run automatically for payment so you do not have to worry about tuition payment month to month. You are still welcome to pay cash or check for tuition, but that must be submitted to the tuition box inside the Definitive Dance Lobby before the 5th of each month. There is a $25.00 Late Fee for all late tuition payments; We do not send out monthly statements, you are welcome to login to your Danceworks account to see your statement at any time. 


Students can only register for classes that they were placed into. NO EXCEPTIONS! If they have a conflict with the class level they were put in they can always take a lower level class. Placements are based on the students ability, drive, and the school population as a whole. Students may be moved around at the beginning of the school year based on level enrollment and the teacher. We put a lot of thought in where each student belongs because we want our students to not only be challenged, but also receive the proper attention and technical training. If students do not have a strong foundation it may be difficult for them to progress. 

We encourage all of our students enrolled in Ballet 2 - 4 to take two Ballet classes a week. This is imperative for their technical growth as an individual dancer and the class as a whole. We have noticed that students only enrolled in Ballet once a week do not progress at the same rate as the other dancers. This can prevent them from moving up levels in all their technique classes including Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary with their peers. We want your student to be successful and feel confident with their abilities so please keep this in mind when registering for classes. 

Join us this fall at our Mercer Island studios for another incredible year of dancing!


June 2017 Updates


The MONTH has arrived.  This is a very hectic time for all with year-end chaos, tech rehearsal, weekend performances and school ending!  Hopefully we can all hold it together and then enjoy our free time and some summer weather!

DDS Class Pictures
June 12 - June 16 | Definitive Dance Studio

Monday, June 12th and go through Friday, June 16th. You will take your pictures during your regularly scheduled weekly class.  Once you have completed your pictures, you will rehearse your piece.  All of you class time will be used.  Even if you choose not to purchase tickets, please plan on coming and participating in the picture so those dancers who are buying pictures have a complete group photo. So come to class with your costumes and be ready to go right at class time!  Picture hair will be the same as recital hair.  

Picture order forms are available at the studio, this is an outside company that takes the pictures.  We provide this as a service to you, and is in no way affiliated with the studio, no payments for pictures are made to the studio, so please make sure you bring your checkbook or cash as credit cards are not accepted.  There are several price point packages available for purchase.  Pictures will be available for pick-up at the studio in September. 

MONDAY 6/12 | 4:15 - 8:45 | DDS
4:15 - 5:15 Mon. Pre-Dance | Ballet 2
5:15 - 6:15 Ballet 1 | Ballet 3
6:15 - 7:15 Teen Jazz/Lyrical | Ballet 4
7:15 - 8:45 Senior Company Solos (Carly, Lizzy, Olivia, Maddie, Caroline) | Me Too, Chasing Cars, House of Gold, Indian Summer, Pep Rally    

TUESDAY 6/13 | 4:15 - 8:30 | DDS
4:15 - 5:15 Tues. Pre-Dance | Girl Power, Clap Snap
5:15 - 6:15 Jazz ½ | Black Horse & A Cherry Tree, Prisoner of Hope
6:15 - 7:15 Jazz ⅔ | Lyrical 3
7:15 - 8:15 Jazz 3 | Junior Solos (Sadie, Susanna), Sing It Back, Rise Up, Flood Waters Rising
8:15 - 8:30 Jazz 4 | Adv. Junior Solos (Natalie, Kayla, Vaiva, Alex, Julia)

WEDNESDAY 6/14 | 3:15 - 8:15 | DDS
3:15 - 4:15 Wed. Pre-Dance | Ballet 1/2             
4:15 - 5:15 Jazz 1 | Ballet 2/3
5:15 - 6:15 Cont ½
6:15 - 7:15 Cont ¾
7:15 - 8:15 Lyrical 4 | Gun Song

THURSDAY 6/15 | 4:15 - 8:15 | DDS
4:15 - 5:15 Lyrical 2 | Hip Hop 1    
5:15 - 6:15 Tap 1 | Boys Hip Hop
6:15 - 7:15 Tap 3 |  Hip Hop 2 | This is What Makes Us Girls
7:15 - 8:15 Tap 2 | Hip Hop ¾
8:15 - 9:15 Tap 4 | Clap Your Hands 

FRIDAY 6/16 | 3:30 - 4:30 | MI HIGH SCHOOL
3:30 - 4:00 9AM Creative Movement Class (After Dress Rehearsal in the backstage hallway dressing area)
4:00 - 4:30 10AM Creative Movement Class (After Dress Rehearsal in the backstage hallway dressing area)


  • Please have your envelope already filled out.

  • You will need a separate envelope for each dance, but only payment.

  • Please include only 1 check regardless of how many dances you are in.

  •  Please may checks payable to: John Gault Productions

  •  Pictures will be available to pick up in late August/early September.

  •  Different packages are available for purchase and not affiliated with the studio.  Pictures are a personal choice.

Dress/Tech Rehearsal
Fri June 16 | 3:30 - 6:30
Mercer Island High School

Tech rehearsal is taking place Friday, June 16th from 3:30-7:30 at Mercer Island High School.  We will be running rehearsal in the order of the show, please see below for your rehearsal time.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your performance time.  I do run on time if not early!

3:30 - 4:30 PM Creative Movement and PreDance
4:30 - 5:00 PM Sleeping Beauty Suite (Ballet 1/2 - Ballet 4)
5:00 - 6:30 PM Remaining Running Order of the Show
(Ballet 1, Jazz 1 - 4, Tap 1 - 4, Lyrical 1 - 4, Hip Hop 1 - 4, Contemporary 1 - 4)

Pre-Dance & Creative Movement, must arrive at 3:15 (with costume on). Levels 1-4, Your dancer does NOT need to wear their costume. Please come in dance attire only and ready to dance! Upper levels with multiple dances will be allowed to leave their costumes in the dressing rooms after rehearsal so they don't need to transport multiple times. Remember, moms and dads and nannies and or additional family help is allowed, but please do not invite guests to the rehearsal. We need to run on time and the dancers need to focus and take corrections. Please be respectful of this.

Recital Performances
Sat June 17 | 11:00AM + 4:00PM
Mercer Island High School

Performances are at 11:00 and 4:00.  All dancers must arrive 35 minutes prior to the beginning of the show.  Please arrive with hair and make-up complete.  All dancers should dress at the theatre upon arrival.  Please check in at the dancer check in table located in the back entrance, far parking lot.  There will be signs and veteran dancers, follow them!  We will have room assignments to help runners locate the dancers as needed. For costume, hair & makeup information please check your class specifics HERE.

There is NO videotaping allowed during the performances, at all, no exceptions!  You may take pictures but without a flash.  This is very dangerous to the dancers and can cause injury. DVD's are available for purchase from John Galt Productions. A table is set up outside the theatre for buying DVD's. This may be done on the day of the show only. No late orders will be accepted. These are available for pick-up in September. 

There is no food or drink in the auditorium. All Creative Movement/PreDance dancers are allowed to watch the show. A new format will be explained in detail during these classes, please make sure you are fully aware of this process! We will have parent/teacher helpers during recital to assist with costumes, bathroom mishaps and or any other things that come up. We do have a tv where the performance is being shown live so the dancers can watch while they are backstage. You can pack snacks and water for them.  We ask that snacks and drinks are NOT messy or color themed to avoid costume mishaps or faces/fingers that have red die number 5 stained on them!  Please remember to pick up messes. 

All dancers/parents must leave the theatre between performances. Union staff need a break and we must close for a quick clean and lunch break.  Please understand and do not try and stay. You are welcome to picnic outside but not in the theatre or commons. There will be plenty of time to go home or out!

Lastly, these dancers have worked so hard all year long!  They are very excited to perform for you! Please plan to attend the whole show. The dancers in the end deserve an audience just like the beginning!  Please enter and exit the theatre between numbers and not during. Again, we are ALL super excited to strut our moves for you and the show is going to be fabulous and entertaining!!!!

Tickets will be available to purchase for $16.00 at dress rehearsal.  The box office will open 30 minutes prior to each performance for those that need to purchase at the theatre and will be $20.00 at the door.  Cash or check only!


Summer Registration is Open!



This summer we are offering a month of dance classes in the afternoons with our faculty and guest teachers. Summer classes are a great opportunity to not only improve dance technique, but to try other dance styles as well. Students are encouraged to register for the entire month, however drop-in classes are available with purchase of a class-card. Class-cards can be purchased at the studio during office hours or by emailing ale@definitivedance.com; you must have a Danceworks account setup for Summer in order to buy class-cards.

Tuition is Due JUNE 5

Students with outstanding tuition balances will not be able to purchase tickets for recital and will be unable to register for Summer and Fall 2017 dance classes.
If you have not set up your account for recurring automatic payments email Ale (ale@definitivedance.com) today. It's super easy to do and gives you one less thing to worry about each month! 

May 2017 Updates





We cannot believe that the school year is almost over. It is almost time for our annual recital. All classes will receive their costumes this month. Please note that dancers will not be allowed to receive their costumes or purchase tickets until ALL outstanding balances/tuition is paid in full. For more information on costume specifics, makeup and hair for each dance class go HERE

MANDATORY DRESS REHEARSAL will take place at Mercer Island High School, Friday, June 16, TBA. Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can start right on time. A detailed schedule will be posted online closer to the recital date. This is a closed rehearsal.  This means parents and caretakers only, no aunts, uncles, neighbors or additional friends. 

Dancers are allowed to leave when they finish their dress rehearsal. Dressing rooms will be assigned according to age and dance discipline.  Signs will be posted to assist with room assignments where parent helpers will provide supervision and costume assistance.


We need at least one parent volunteer from each Creative Movement and PreDance Class with the students. Since there will be mostly female students of all ages with costume changes backstage, we ask for mom volunteers only, thank you for your understanding. We will have other (non-parent) volunteers backstage to help, but I feel it is valuable to have a mom who the girls know and recognize. Teachers of course will be back there also and will lead and set the their places onstage. Please email ale@definitivedance.com ASAP if you are willing to help out backstage and for which show. We are always in need of friendly volunteers! Thank you so much!! 


Summer Registration is Open!



This summer we are offering a month of dance classes in the afternoons with our faculty and guest teachers. Summer classes are a great opportunity to not only improve dance technique, but to try other dance styles as well. Students are encouraged to register for the entire month, however drop-in classes are available with purchase of a class-card. Class-cards can be purchased at the studio during office hours or by emailing ale@definitivedance.com; you must have a Danceworks account setup for Summer in order to buy class-cards.

Tuition is Due MAY 5
Students with outstanding tuition balances will not receive their costumes for recital and will be unable to register for Summer and Fall 2017 dance classes.
If you have not set up your account for recurring automatic payments email Ale (ale@definitivedance.com) today. It's super easy to do and gives you one less thing to worry about each month! 

Important Dates to Remember
Dress Rehearsal: Fri. June 16, 2017
Sat. June 17, 2017
2 Performances: 11AM and 4PM

* If you wish to withdraw from a class please respect our
2 week policy. Failure to provide 2 weeks notification will result in full payment for the month. If you have any questions please let us know. 

2017 - 2018 Definitive Dance Company Auditions

Definitive Dance Company is in the middle of an amazing season. We are so proud of the artistic and technical growth among all our dancers this year. As we head into Spring and the end of the school year we are getting ready for next season's Definitive Dance Company Auditions. We will be holding auditions this April/May for students age 6 - 18 to be considered for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Tap dance routines.

The focus of DDC is to provide an opportunity outside of the classroom for young dancers to take their studio training to the next level. The dance company experience develops self-confidence and teaches the importance of teamwork - a commitment to oneself and to one another. Through an annual audition dancers are selected to learn routines in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, and/or Hip-Hop (students can select to audition for only Tap or Hip Hop). In addition to group dances, several company members are invited to learn solos, duets, and trios which are all performed at regional dance competitions. Participation in DDC offers fun and exciting dance opportunities in an encouraging and supportive community of dancers and choreographers. 

(Deadline: April 7, 2017)

Audition Date: TBA
After School Fri or Sat morning in April or May following Spring Break

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the office and ask Ale or send an email to ale@definitivedance.com.  An informational sheet and specific audition day/time will be emailed only to those who are registered.