Fall Registration for Definitive Dance Studio is open and classes are already filling up. Make sure you register soon before class spots fill up! Classes begin August 30, 2017.



Please take some time to check out our revamped website: www.definitivedance.comWe have spent lots of time adding helpful information for parents and students here that is easily accessible from the comfort of your own computer. All of the green fonts are links to more information and registration. In the upper right hand corner of the website is a box of lines that opens the website menu. You can navigate the entire website here and find answers to all of your questions. Please take time to read through our Policies before classes start. There is lots of information here regarding tuition, dress code, class expectations, and more. We want your student to be set up for success so please familiarize yourself with this information. We will update the website regularly with studio closures, recital information, class changes, etc.. In addition, we will continue to send out email newsletters. Please read them so you do not miss anything!


This year we have made some changes to the registration process. You must input your credit card information in order to hold your student's spot in class.  We will not run tuition payment on your card until the first week of classes. Please select that you would like to have your card run automatically for payment so you do not have to worry about tuition payment month to month. You are still welcome to pay cash or check for tuition, but that must be submitted to the tuition box inside the Definitive Dance Lobby before the 5th of each month. There is a $25.00 Late Fee for all late tuition payments; We do not send out monthly statements, you are welcome to login to your Danceworks account to see your statement at any time. 


Students can only register for classes that they were placed into. NO EXCEPTIONS! If they have a conflict with the class level they were put in they can always take a lower level class. Placements are based on the students ability, drive, and the school population as a whole. Students may be moved around at the beginning of the school year based on level enrollment and the teacher. We put a lot of thought in where each student belongs because we want our students to not only be challenged, but also receive the proper attention and technical training. If students do not have a strong foundation it may be difficult for them to progress. 

We encourage all of our students enrolled in Ballet 2 - 4 to take two Ballet classes a week. This is imperative for their technical growth as an individual dancer and the class as a whole. We have noticed that students only enrolled in Ballet once a week do not progress at the same rate as the other dancers. This can prevent them from moving up levels in all their technique classes including Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary with their peers. We want your student to be successful and feel confident with their abilities so please keep this in mind when registering for classes. 

Join us this fall at our Mercer Island studios for another incredible year of dancing!