Welcome to the Definitive Dance Studio family!
Definitive Dance prides itself on having an extremely happy and well-run studio, and appreciates your support in helping us to instill good manners and proper etiquette that will carry over into all facets of our student’s lives.
Children learn what they live… Thank you.


We accept enrollments for the school year starting June 20. We open enrollment to returning students first and reserve space for them. We stop accepting enrollment for the school year in November because we order recital costumes over the holidays and begin recital preparation in January. 

We do not offer a “trial” class. You can register for the class, pay the $25 registration fee and first month's tuition to hold your spot. If the class does not work out, you can email to drop the class by the 15th. If we do not receive notice of dropping until after the 15th we require the following month's tuition.

As classes fill, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate additional students as space becomes available. The first month of tuition and registration fee are due before a student is officially enrolled.


We have limited hours during the summer season. Please email us directly with any questions regarding the studio and registration.

We share the building with other businesses. Students cannot wait outside the studio entrance in the hallway before studio hours or leave their belongings their unattended.. The studio opens 15 minutes before the first class. Please make your childcare arrangements accordingly. Thank you!



There is a one-time non-refundable Registration Fee of $25.00 due the first time you join our studio.

Our program is designed as a ten-month session running September-June. Monthly tuition is divided into equal payments for lessons received for the full ten-month session and will remain the same each month regardless of attendance, school closures, holidays, vacations, recital rehearsals and performances etc.

Once enrolled you are responsible for monthly tuition payments – monthly statements will not be mailed. We accept cash/check (dropped in tuition box in studio lobby), Mastercard or Visa (through your Danceworks account) for payment of tuition and related fees. Tuition is due the 1st of each month and is delinquent if not received by the 5th. A monthly late fee of $25 will be charged on delinquent accounts. We suggest signing up for Auto-pay through Danceworks or in the DDS office so you do not have to worry about late fees. 

Students will not be admitted into class unless tuition payments are current. In the event of temporary financial difficulties, payment arrangements may be worked out with the studio prior to the payment deadline.

Discounts are given to students who participate in multiple classes. Discounts are also available for multiple students within a household. Students will receive an average of four classes per month over the dance season. Tuition is due regardless of attendance. There are NO REFUNDS for classes missed. Classes missed due to an excused absence, illness or injury can be made up. Classes cancelled due to teacher absence will be made up at a time determined by the teacher.

*Effective January 2018, DDS will charge a convenience fee for each transaction processed. The credit card fee charged will be 2.5% for transactions over $76.00 or a minimum of $2.00 for transactions under $76.00. If you wish to avoid this fee you are welcome to pay tuition via check or cash. Tuition is still due by the 1st of each month, and will be assessed a late fee of $25.00 if not paid by the 5th.

Dance Company is an additional commitment. Fees include weekly rehearsal hours, at least 4 separate Competition and Convention Fees, and Costume Fees for each dance number. We do our best to spread out fees as much as we can, and look for discounts wherever possible. Please email ale@definitivedance.com if you have more questions. 

Drop classes

If you decide to change or quit a dance class, you are obligated to email a written statement to ale@definitivedance.com of your decision. Failure to do submit notification in writing will result in payment of tuition until notified of your withdrawal. If tuition remains unpaid we reserve the right to forward your bill to collections. If you wish to drop a class, you must submit your request before the 15th of the month to avoid next month’s tuition.

As stated in on the Class information pages, all students must be registered for Ballet if they are taking Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary or Turns & Leaps. This requirement applies to all ages and levels. Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance, and a paramount dance discipline which will help to enrich your child's dance experience.

Students are expected to behave appropriately in all classes, listen to the teacher, and participate. If the student is causing disruption the teacher may ask the student to sit out or step out of the classroom. We encourage a creative, open, and safe environment for students to practice, express themselves, and explore the art of dance. We expect our students to treat one another with respect and kindness throughout the learning and growing process as we build our artistic and athletic community. 



Costumes & Recital

Costume Fees are due with January Tuition and are non-refundable. All students are encouraged to participate in the annual recital. If you do not notify ale@definitivedance.com that you will not be participating in Recital by December 1st you will be charged the non-refundable costume fee. If we do not receive your costume fee payment a costume will not be ordered for your dancer. Recital takes place in June every year and is held at a local theater. 

There are many benefits to participating in recital. It helps to strengthen students technique and practice skills by providing additional motivation to practice daily. It helps to build confidence, gives students the opportunity to express themselves, and allows for the students' family and friends to see all they have accomplished over the year. 



Students are expected to wear dance attire to class. Pedestrian attire is only allowed as a cover up for dance attire to wear to and from class. Please refer to the Class description page board for specific class attire clarification.

NO JEANS, SKIRTS, T-SHIRTS, SWEATERS or SWEATSHIRTS, are allowed in class. If the weather is cold it is okay for students to wear dance warm-ups including legwarmers, leggings, or form-fitting sweaters until their muscles are warm. All hair must be up off our face and neck. No hats or bandanas please.

Hip Hop students need to have a separate clean pair of sneakers they wear in the studio for classes that they do not use elsewhere for sanitary and safety. Students in all of our classes participate in various exercises involving floor work. Please help us keep the floors clean and safe for our dancers.

Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. Please remember even the quick jump from the car can hurt the life of your shoes as well as cause destruction to our expensive dance floor.

Buy Dance Attire

Studio expectations

  1. Dancers should arrive five (5) minutes before class start time, appropriately dressed. Dancers should use this time to change into the designated footwear prior to class start and begin stretching and warming up in preparation for dance.

  2. Punctuality and attendance are required. Students who arrive more than 5 minutes late to class may be asked to sit inside the classroom and observe. Please be respectful of this as injuries can occur when proper warm-up has not occurred.

  3. Dancers must arrive with the appropriate attire, shoes, and hair for class.

  4. Dancers are to remain in the lobby area prior to class start and dismissal.

  5. There is no food, gum, or drink other than water allowed in the dance studio. All food and beverages must be left in the lobby. Please discard all food and beverages in the garbage when finished.

  6. A Dr.’s release is required for an injured dancer to return to classes. This applies to injuries occurring outside or inside the studio.

  7. Dancers are expected to remain standing throughout class unless otherwise instructed.

  8. Dancers should bring a water bottle into the classroom for hydration.

  9. Dancers must use the bathroom prior to class start.

  10. Dancers and families must be mindful of the shared space. Please pick up after yourself and throw away all food and trash before leaving the studio/lobby.

  11. We share the building with other businesses. No running in the halls and no loud talking while waiting for classes. If you or your family is being disruptive, you may be asked to wait outside the building.

  12. Always give 110%! Dance to your fullest potential and always come to class with a good attitude and desire to learn.


Students must have a dance bag and water bottle. Please label all shoes needed for class. There are lots of students with lots of the same dance wear! We are not responsible for belongings left at the studio or lost. Please make sure your belongings are placed on the edges of the hallway and keep clear aisle ways to access the bathrooms, studios, and exits. Students are required to clean up after themselves. At the end of each month we will gather belongings left behind in the studio and donate them, the studio is not a storage room. 

Legitimate absences emailed to ale@definitivedance.com prior to class are eligible for a make-up as arranged with the teacher. Students can make up the class in the same style at the same or lower level, or in a different style at the same or lower level. Any class canceled due to teacher absence will be made up at a time arranged with that teacher.

absences + MAKE UPS