We accept enrollments for the school year starting in July. We open enrollment to returning students first and reserve space for them. We stop accepting enrollment for the school year in November, however there are limited spaces available after August because most of our classes are full. As classes fill, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate additional students as space becomes available.
The first month of tuition and registration fee are due the first day of classes.
Please login to your Danceworks account to see your account bill and setup autopay. 

Fall Registration

Classes run August 30, 2017 - June 16, 2018

Fall registration is closed. Students were handed Fall Schedules in June with their placements for Fall. The highlighted classes are the classes available to that student to take. We put a lot of thought into our placements, if you have a question about these please email ale@definitivedance.com. Students may not register for class levels they were not placed in, NO EXCEPTIONS. New Students should select classes based on their age - Creative Movement, Pre-Dance. If your student has prior dance training please email ale@definitivedance.com.

We encourage all of our students enrolled in Ballet 2 - 4 to take two Ballet classes a week. This is imperative for their technical growth as an individual dancer and the class as a whole. We have noticed that students only enrolled in Ballet once a week do not progress at the same rate as the other dancers. This can prevent them from moving up levels in all their technique classes including Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary with their peers. We want your student to be successful and feel confident with their abilities so please keep this in mind when registering for classes. 

Please check the SCHEDULE  for this school year's available classes. We are already taking a Waitlist for many of our classes and other classes are close to being filled! 

*Limited Availability: These classes are filling up so make sure to register ASAP!

*Waitlist: Please register for the class online in Danceworks, this will add you to the Waitlist. Students will be added to the class if/when enrolled students drop on a first come first serve basis.  



NEw students

Enroll your student in the appropriate age level class.
Creative Movement: Age 3 - 4
Pre-Dance: Age 5 - 6
Level 1: Age 7 + Up
Level 2 - 4: By Placement (email ale@definitivedance.com)
Teen Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary: Age 12 + Up
Students must be enrolled in Ballet in order to be enrolled in Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical or Contemporary. If your student has prior dance training please email ale@definitivedance.com for placement information. 


Students receive placements for the following School Year around Recital. Placements are based on the students ability, drive, and the school population as a whole. Students may be moved around at the beginning of the school year based on level enrollment and the teacher. We put a lot of thought in where each student belongs because we want our students to not only be challenged, but also receive the proper attention and technical training. If students do not have a strong foundation it may be difficult for them to progress.